Wednesday 22 May 2019
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SOAK Yourself luxury bath kits


Finding time for relaxation is becoming increasingly difficult with the demands of today’s hectic lifestyles, and so SOAK Yourself luxury bath kits contain permission to do just that.


SOAK Yourself is a new UK-based luxury bathing brand created by Jackie Hope in 2012. With a philosophy based around the ancient ritual of bathing and its beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul, the range comprises 7 bespoke bath ritual recipe kits to evoke any mood and dissolve all stresses.


Each kit is designed to be an experience and a ritual. Instructions guide the user not only though the ritual of drawing a bath, but towards a more relaxed and happy state of mind.


The 7 recipes available are:

Feeling Groovy SOAK - A calming and soothing chilled-out soak to help you relax, release and let go.

Love SOAK - A sensual bath ritual to deepen your connection with the one you love.

Muscle SOAK – (for men too) Relaxing and rejuvenating salts and oils to sooth aching limbs and restore tired bodies.

Remedy SOAK - Relief from the symptoms of colds and flu, to help ease you back to better health.

Full Moon SOAK - A renewal ritual to celebrate the cycles of life and prepare you for the month ahead.

Broken Heart SOAK - A big, warm hug in a box to help you heal and embrace a positive future.

Blanche the Blues - Banish a down day, revitalise your senses, and boost your mood.



The bath ritual recipe kit contains all the essential elements needed (including permission) to take a long, guilt-free soak. Each box is a sensorial journey of hand-made, expertly selected products designed to unwind the body and relax the mind.


Each SOAK Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit contains different ingredients, but essentially include:
- Organic essential oils
- Fizzing and foaming bath crystals
- Hand made soap 
- Candle and candle holder 
- Organic honey/marjoram leaves/ginger/cinnamon/star anise
- Teabags for a relaxing cuppa whilst you soak


All products are sourced in the UK and the ingredients are natural and organic. Each individual box is handmade and hand-packed with care to ensure the highest quality.


Each SOAK Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit costs £40RRP (with smaller versions being launched soon), and are currently available exclusively online at


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