Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Sinkie Practical Products For Use Around the Home


Spring Fair sees the expansion of the Sinkie® collection of practical products for the home with the launch the new Sinkie® Glass Gripper Mat.


The experts will tell you that the best way to look after your glass and crystal is to hand wash it then leave it to air dry, before polishing it with a lint free cloth. Leaving your glassware to dry on your draining board can lead to unintentional mishaps resulting in breakages. Made from silicone the Sinkie® Glass Gripper Mat has been specifically designed to look after glass and crystal whilst it dries.


Available in four colours white, blue, pink and green the Glass Gripper Mat has a nonslip surface covered in a multitude of small protrusions that will hold your glass securely in place whilst it dries. As your glasses dry, the excess water is collected in the bottom of the mat thanks to the raised rim round the end of the mat. This means that water doesn’t pour all over your kitchen work surface and can then be easily poured off into the sink.



The Sinkie® collection also includes the Dossil Sinkie® and the Dossil Sink Liner. Made from flexible silicone the Dossil Sinkie® is a sink strainer that sits over your plughole and will help prevent debris blocking your drains and pipework. To help secure it in place whilst in use the Sinkie has suction cups on its underside. Available in two sizes small and large the Sinkie can be used to prevent your kitchen sink trap getting blocked with food waste. In the bathroom the Sinkie will help keep your shower and bath plugholes free from hair and other debris. After use simply stick the Sinkie to the side of your sink or splash back so it is always to hand when you need it.


For added protection the Dossil collection also includes a Sink Liner. This non-slip matt can be placed in the bottom of the sink in your kitchen when preparing fruit and vegetables and it will catch the peelings, after you’re finished simply lift the matt out of the sink and tip the contents into your bin. Alternatively the Sink Liner can be used under a washing up bowl in your sink or as a matt in the bottom of your sink to help protect your crockery and glassware from being chipped and cracked from contact with the bottom of your sink.


Both the Dossil Sinkie and the Dossil Sink Liner are bleach resistant and dishwasher safe.


For further information please telephone 01488 686572 or visit




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