Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Bearhand mittens come to the UK

Now in their 3rd winter here in the UK, the adorable, fun and unique plus award winning Bearhand mittens are certainly a talking point with parents and kids. Slightly different from your average mitten, Jeff Golden the founder of Bearhands thought of the idea whilst on a skiing trip and having to keep taking his ski gloves off to wipe his goggles, he went to the drawing board and designed these unique mittens, where they have a secret Velcro slit to pop your hand out of.


Looking forward with the product it was decided to open this design up to all age ranges and this is where the infant and toddler mittens came in with, matching accessories such as the mitten clips to keep them safely on and the cute little Chinstrap hats.


Next came the faux fur styles, in Leopard (One of Waters Distribution's popular styles), and also available in Brown and grey.  This year saw the launch of the Chewbacca style, which is hopeful to be just as popular as the leopard print.  Bearhand mittens are available in 8 sizes and 12 colours plus 4 colours in the Faux Fur. All sizes are Thinsulate lined with cuff adjustments, along with clips on the side of the mittens to keep them as a pair.


Always on the look out for new stockiest, Waters Distribution offer, free spinners from counter to floor spinners when you order a certain amount, along with being placed on their website as a stockiest, and promoted on their Facebook and twitter throughout the winter.


For more information on prices and how stock contact or 07739 998521 along with further information on



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